Thursday, July 02, 2015

Mapping Police Killings

So far this year 463 people have been shot dead by the police in the United States. The Washington Post has compiled (and will continue to update) a database of the victims of these police shootings.

The Post's Police Shootings interactive allows you to explore the data in a number of formats, including a timeline, cartogram and interactive map. The map view shows the locations of 413 of the shootings (50 shootings with unverified locations are not shown on the map). The map includes a number of options which allow you to filter the result by the sex, race and age of the victims.

The cartogram view shows the number of shootings (per million people) by state. Normalizing the data by population means that you can make a reasonable comparison between each state. The cartogram reveals that Oklahoma has the worst record of police shootings and that the highest state rates fall in the south and west.

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