Monday, July 13, 2015

Kentucky Kicks Ass

Just look at the geographical distributions of the phrase 'Kentucky Kicks Ass' on this Kentucky Tweets map. It proves beyond doubt that Kentucky leads the world in the number of people posting the phrase 'Kentucky Kicks Ass' on Twitter.

The 7 million people of  the state of Washington couldn't even manage one 'Kentucky Kicks Ass' Tweet between them - pathetic. Only the state of Tennessee comes close to competing with Kentucky in Tweeting 'Kentucky Kicks Ass'. However the results in Tennessee are slightly skewed by the 5 people (or the one person Tweeting the phrase 5 times) in Coffee County.

This Kentucky Tweets map includes a number of other map views which allow you to visualize the geographical distribution of Kentucky related words and phrases on Twitter. For example, you can view the distribution of Tweets mentioning 'bourbon', 'Kentucky Fried Chicken', or 'bluegrass'.

You might also find this Why Most Twitter Maps Can't be Trusted article of some interest.

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