Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Visualoop's New Data Visualization Gallery

Visualoop is one of the the best websites currently dedicated to showcasing infographics and data visualizations. I'm particularly fond of its weekly Digital Cartography roundup of the best interactive maps.

Visualoop has now launched a new data visualization gallery, which already features around 1,500 examples of the best data visualizations. You can search the data visualizations in the new gallery by category, publisher/media and by language. The category search doesn't include a 'map' option but if you search within the 'interactive' category you can find some great examples of mapped visualizations.

Visualoop's new data visualization gallery also includes a Designers & Collectives section, which provides profiles of some of the best designers and companies currently working in data visualization. For example, this section includes a profile of the CartoDB web mapping company and a portfolio of some of their best interactive maps.

If you are interested in interactive maps and /or infographics & data visualizations in general you should definitely add Visualoop's new data visualization gallery to your browser's favorites folder.

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