Monday, July 06, 2015

Isochrones + X = Fun

GoPhillyGo is a new routing service for Philadelphia designed to help you more easily navigate the city without a car.  You can use GoPhillyGo to get walking, biking or public transit directions. You can also use it to find fun things to do in the city.

The routing service of GoPhillyGo allows you to get handy step-by-step directions between any two locations in the Greater Philadelphia area. However you can also use GoPhillyGo to find things to do around your current location.

Share your location with the map and enter how long you are prepared to travel for and GoPhillyGo will display an isochrone map, showing where you can travel to in that time with your chosen mode of transportation. Not only can you view an isochrone map showing where you can travel in your selected time it also shows you interesting places you can visit in the city within that time.

For example, if you select 'cycling' and 'ten minutes' you can view a map of where you can cycle in that time and also view points of interest within a ten minute cycle ride.

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