Friday, July 24, 2015

Mapping the Fortune Global 500

Every year Fortune ranks the top 500 companies in the world based on their yearly revenue. This year they have also published a map of the Global 500 based on the location of each corporation's company headquarters.

The size of the red circles on the Mapping the Global 500 map represent the size of each company's revenue. You can adjust the corporations displayed on the map by their annual profit & by revenue using the interactive bar charts above the map.

The bar charts were created with Crossfilter.js. The Google Maps Developers Team has a useful video demonstration of how to connect Crossfilter to the Google Maps API. All the code used in the video is available on GitHub and you can also play with this example map to get an idea of how powerful the combination of Crossfilter and Google Maps can be.

If you want to use Crossfilter with the Leaflet mapping platform you can use Crosslet, a JavaScript library combining Crossfilter, Leaflet and D3.

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