Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mapping Spanish Debt

Considering the state of the European economy it is surprising that there have been very few interactive maps visualizing the debt of the continent's poorer performing countries. However El Pais has created an informative interactive map of the debt held by each Spanish municipality.

The Variation of Municipal Debt in the Last Legislature map shows which Spanish municipalities have increased or lowered their level of debt since 2011. Municipalities colored red on the map have increased their levels of debt and the municipalities in green have reduced their level of debt. You can find out the exact level of an individual municipality's debt by clicking on it on the map.

It is hard to get a complete overview of the numbers of municipalities that have managed to reduce their debt and those that have increased their overall debt just from the map view. It looks to me that about half of the municipalities are performing better economically and about half are performing worse.

The good news is that many of the larger cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia all seem to have managed to reduce their debt since 2011.

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