Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Berlin Building Size Map

Last week the Berliner Morgenpost published a wonderful interactive map of Where the Population of Europe is Growing – and Where it’s Declining. Now one of the map's creators has written a nice tutorial explaining How to Create an Interactive Map with 100k+ Areas.

One of many impressive accomplishments in the European population map was that it contained 119.406 interactive colored polygons, each of which could be selected on the map to view details on the area's population change. The tutorial explains how you can create a map with a similar number of interactive polygons.

The tutorial explains how you can use Tilemill to style your data (once the data had been merged with a shapefile).  It then explains how you can then use Mapbox to create an interactive map from the styled map tiles.

The demo map that is created in the tutorial is pretty interesting itself. The map colors building footprints in Berlin by the number of floors in each building. The result is a map of Berlin which shows you where the tallest buildings in the city are concentrated.

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