Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Mapping Movie Filming Locations

There have been a lot of maps over the years dedicated to plotting the shooting locations used in famous movies. The Musement Movie Map stands out from the crowd because of the number of search options provided on the map.

You can search the map by film title, by date, by Oscar winners or by genre.Search for an individual film and the map will show you all the known shooting locations used in that film.

Musement is primarily a trip booking website. The site therefore has the added bonus for film fans in that you can also use Musement to book movie related day-trips and holidays.

Have you ever wondered where you could buy the dress worn by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman or the sunglasses worn by Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

No, neither have I.

But, if you have ever wanted to purchase a product that you have seen in a movie, then you can use TheTake to help identify and purchase your coveted item. If you aren't interested in movie related products you can still use TheTake to identify the filming locations used in your favorite movies.

Another interesting feature of TheTake's movie map is that you can filter the results by category. For example you can select 'Restaurants' to only view restaurants and bars which have been used as the settings in movies. So, if you want to surprise your significant other, you could use the map to find a restaurant featured in their favorite movie and treat them to a special movie themed night out.

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