Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Witcher - Interactive Animated Map

The Witcher website features a lovingly crafted interactive map of the medieval fantasy world created by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

The Witcher novels and video games take place on the fictional 'Continent', mostly in the Northern Kingdoms region. What sets this fictional world map apart from other fictional or game maps is the wonderfully detailed animated elements on the map.

Zoom-in on Novigrad and you can actually watch the smoke rising from building chimneys. Zoom-in on Kaer Morhen and you can see the waves rippling on the lake. Elsewhere on the map you can find birds flapping their wings, moving windmills and animated sea monsters.

You can also explore The Witcher game world in The Witcher III Interactive Map, a Leaflet.js powered map of Velen and Novigrad within the Northern Kingdoms.

This interactive map of The Witcher III game world, like most interactive game world maps, includes the option to view important locations within the game. These points of interest can be turned on & off on the map by using the options in the map side-panel.

The Witcher III interactive map also includes a comprehensive search option which allows you to search for important locations within the game by name. The search option is powered by the leaflet-search plugin. Leaflet-search is a powerful customized search engine which you can add to a Leaflet map to enable users to easily search for markers/features on the map by a custom property.

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