Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Marauder's Map

Today Leaflet announced the release of Leaflet 1.0 beta 1. Mapbox also chose today to launch a new Lord of the Rings map style.

I was keen to play with them both so I decided to combine the two and create a map of Harry Potter filming locations. The map was created with Leaflet using map tiles that are based on the new Mapbox LOTR style.

My Marauder's Map shows a few of the locations in the UK used when shooting the Harry Potter series of films. The map uses the new Leaflet flyTo function, which allows you to create flyover animations (zooming and panning in a curve) when you move between locations on the map. In my mind this neatly conjures the experience of a magical broomstick ride between the Harry Potter filming locations.

I changed the Mapbox LOTR style a little. I switched out Mapbox's 'one ring' shield (used to indicate cities on the map) for a more Harry Potter related wizard's hat. I also dropped the mountain icon and coastline line style used in the LOTR map style (for no particular reason).

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