Friday, July 10, 2015

San Francisco for Sale

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project has created a number of maps explaining and exploring the dispossession of San Francisco residents as a result of the growing influence of technology companies in the city.

For example, San Francisco for Sale, is a story map highlighting how public spaces in the city are being privatized and increasingly used to create profits for private companies. Using the arrow keys you can progress through the examples of encroachment on public spaces displayed on the map.

The Project's latest map is the Oral History Map. This map documents the changes taking place in San Francisco through the stories of those who are being, or have been, displaced.

If you select a blue dot on the map you can listen to interviews with San Francisco residents, where they discuss their personal histories in the city. The Anti-Eviction Project hopes by providing these neighborhood and personal histories of San Francisco that they can provide a counter-narrative to the dominant stories of redevelopment and gentrification.

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