Thursday, July 02, 2015

Slideshows of Planet Earth

Google's Earth View Chrome extension allows you to view a beautiful aerial image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab in Google's browser. The extension has been around for a while but I just realized today that there is also a slideshow version Of Earth View that you can view in any browser and which doesn't require you to add an extension.

Google Earth View allows you to browse through a collection of some of the most beautiful images of planet Earth that can be found on Google Earth. You can navigate through the collection using the forward and back buttons but I advise you to use the 'Leanback' mode (accessed through the menu), which allows you to just sit back and watch a slideshow of the images.

The location of each image is shown on a little globe in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. If you want to view one of the aerial images on Google Maps just click on that little globe.

I you enjoy browsing through beautiful aerial images of planet Earth you can also use Chuchichechocha. Chuchichechocha is a Google Maps satellite view slideshow developed by David Schmidt. The slideshow automatically animates through a large number of beautiful images found in Google Maps.

The application includes controls to pause or to manually navigate through the images. Each image also comes with a unique URL so you can share your favorite views with your friends.

Stratocam is another nice slideshow of satellite images that can be found on Google Maps. As users watch the slideshow they can give each image a 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' to show whether they like the image or not.

Users can also submit their own finds by dragging and zooming the map and clicking on the camera icon to select their favorite view.

Random Airports is yet another interesting Google Maps slideshow. However this one is purely for lovers of airports. Random Airports animates through satellite views of random international airports.

If random isn't your thing then Random Airports also includes a search option so you can jump straight to the aerial view of your favorite international airport.

Another way to be transported to random locations around the world is through these Street View based applications. MapCrunchThe Secret Door, Globe Genie and Random Street View are four applications that show you a succession of random locations around the globe using Google Maps Street View.

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