Monday, July 06, 2015

Mapping Patterns in Portland Parking Tickets

Oregon Live has conducted a data driven investigation into parking tickets issued in Portland. Parking in Portland examines the time of issue and the location of 250,000 parking tickets issued over a full week in October 2014.

The investigation includes a CartoDB Torque powered map which shows where and when parking tickets were issued in the city over the course of one day. If you skip down to the bottom of the page you can view a video (with the animated map used in the background) examining some of the geographical and chronological patterns that Oregon Live has managed to pick-out from the data.

For example, on the day examined, parking enforcement officers seemed to stop issuing tickets in the south Waterside area after 10 am. In the Lloyd District they seemed to stop at about 5 pm. This seems to be because the Portland Timbers had a game at Providence Park. After 5 pm a lot of tickets started being issued around Providence Park, presumably as all the parking enforcement officers zoned in on this area.

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