Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Your Local Candidate for President

So far 448 candidates have filed to run for President next year. Thanks to Mother Jones you can now find out which of your neighbors has decided to stand for the most powerful position in the world.

The Prez Filers map has presumably added the presidential candidates to the city in which they filed to run in next year's election. Of the 448 candidates 59 come from California 42 from Florida and 41 from Texas. Washington D.C. has 9 candidates, their are 8 candidates from Houston and 7 from Los Angeles.

Google searches suggest that not all 448 candidates have an equal chance of winning the presidency. Their Google Trends map for CNN shows the top candidate searched for in each area of the country over the last six months.

Hilary Clinton is the most searched for candidate on the Top Presidential Candidates on Google map. Jeb Bush appears to be the most searched for Republican candidate.

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