Friday, July 24, 2015

Kickstart the MapWheel

I've been lusting after a MapWheel for a while. MapWheel lets you design and order your very own beautifully crafted toposcope.

A toposcope is a marker or signpost which indicates the direction, and usually the distance, to notable locations. MapWheel lets you design your own personal circular toposcope pointing to locations (or people) important to you.

The MapWheel website uses the Google Maps API to enable you to customize your own MapWheel. You can enter as many locations as you want and MapWheel will automatically add the direction and distance of each location to your own MapWheel. When you have finished designing your personal MapWheel you can then choose from a number of different woods or stainless steel for the finished product.

MapWheel is now on Kickstarter. The two person company behind Mapwheel, Waypoint Ventures, is hoping to raise $30,000 by Aug 23rd. The rewards for the different values of pledges look very tempting to me.

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