Tuesday, November 24, 2015

100 Years of Hong Hong Street Views

HotelClub's Historic Hong Kong allows you to compare the modern bustling streets of Hong Kong with the same streets as they looked 100 years ago. The site uses Google Maps Street View and vintage photos of the city to allow you to show how the city of Hong Kong has changed over the last 100 years.

HotelClub worked with historian Mark Footer to identify some of Hong Kong's most interesting historic streets. The streets used in the site vary from Western Market to the bustling Kennedy Town. Select any of the streets from the main menu and you can a view a vintage photo of the street superimposed on top of the same view today, as captured by Google Maps Street View.

User Tip - If you are viewing Historic Hong Kong on a desktop then shrink your browser down a little. If you do this a swipe button will appear that allows you to swipe back and forth between the vintage photo and the modern day Street View. If you view Historic Hong Kong on a mobile device the swipe button will appear on all the photos anyway.

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