Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Paris Attacks - Story Map

In response to the shocking terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday much of the world's media resorted to static maps showing the locations of the separate shooting and bombing locations. Most of these maps emphasized how the majority of these attacks were concentrated in the east central area of the city.

The Guardian has created a more detailed interactive map which provides more context about each of the attacks and their locations. Paris Attacks: What We Know So Far is a story map which looks at each of the separate incidents and locations in turn. As you scroll down the page the map zooms in on each location and the map sidebar updates with information and related media content. Obviously, due to the horrific nature of these terrorist attacks in Paris, you may find some of this media content distressing.

The map itself uses Leaflet & Mapbox with OpenStreetMap data. This story map format is easy to replicate by following Mapbox's Scroll-driven navigation with markers & a narrative example map in the Mapbox documentation.

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