Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Bike Sharing in Moscow

The Moscow design company Urbica has analyzed the performance statistics of the city's bike-sharing scheme, Velobike. The analysis looks at the data from 812,000 rides from 300 rental stations across the city.

The results of Urbica's study can be viewed on an impressive mapped visualization of the data. Moscow Bike Share Stats allows you to examine the use of Moscow's bike sharing scheme in a number of ways. The initial map view shows the number of bikes hired at each of the docking stations. You can also view the number of departures & arrivals, the number of round-trips made and the number of unique users recorded at each station.

The map also allows you to view visualizations of the traffic made between Moscow's different districts and data on the fares paid and the length of rides made by the bikes' users.

Urbica has also written a blog post explaining some of the conclusions that they have arrived at from mapping Velobike's data. For example, the data reveals that bikes are most actively used in the center of the city. The analysis also looks at the patterns of traffic between different docking stations and between Moscow districts and at the frequency and types of fares paid by the scheme's users.

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