Saturday, November 07, 2015

Oslo Population Density in 3D

Bjørn Sandvik's Thematic Mapping Blog has just posted two interesting tutorials on mapping grid-based statistics. Both tutorials and the accompanying demo maps visualize population density in Oslo, Norway.

The first tutorial in Mapping Grid-Based statistics using OpenLayers, Three.js and D3.js shows you how to create a grid based interactive map to visualize population density. The map also allows the user to select an area on the map to see the number of inhabitants in a custom defined area.

The second map in the post provides a 3d visualization on the same population data, with each grid's population density shown as a 3d tower or block on the map. The usual problem with such an approach is that the towers or blocks in the foreground obscure the view of the towers in the background. Bjørn's 3d interactive map largely overcomes this problem by allowing you to rotate and zoom in and out on the map.

Both the tutorials for the maps are in Norwegian but the source code is available on GithHub and should be easy to follow for anyone familiar with OpenLayers and D3.js.

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