Monday, November 30, 2015

Map Your Location Data with Shifted Maps

Shifted Maps is an interesting visualization of personal location data. If you use the Moves mobile application you can use Shifted Maps to view an interactive map of your own location data.

Before testing your own location data you might want to view the demo map to get a feel for how Shifted Maps works. Each location visited in your location data is shown as a zoomed-in circular map inset and the map insets are scaled to show the amount of the time spent there. The size of each circle's circumference line represents the relative number of visits.

You can refine the data shown on the map by date by using the timeline control in the map menu. You can also explore the data by geo-spatial position, travel time, and frequency of movement by using the three icon buttons in the menu. These three buttons rearrange the circular inset maps to provide different visualizations of the location data.

The first button rearranges the map circles to visualize the places visited based on their geographic positions. The middle button provides a temporal view, rearranging the circles according to the average time it takes to travel from one location to another. The third button creates a frequency of movement visualization, places with a frequent connection are shown closer to each other than places with a less frequent connection.

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