Monday, November 30, 2015

Glasgow Construction Projects in 3D

What better way to celebrate St Andrew's Day than with a 3D map of Glasgow. Glasgow in the 21st Century has seen a number of high profile building projects and the city is continuing with a number of ambitious construction projects. You can view Glasgow's current construction plans on this new 3D map of the city.

Lately I've been working a lot with OSM Buidings. In particluar I've been using Webkid's tutorial on creating Interactive 3D Maps With OSMBuildings. The tutorial explains how the Berliner Morgenpost used OSM Buildings to create its excellent Berlin's neue Skyline interactive map of Berlin's new skyscrapers.

Stuart MacMillan has also used Webkid's tutorial to help develop a 3D Map of Glasgow Construction Projects. Stuart's 3D map of Glasgow shows some of the city's current construction plans (highlighted in different colors on the map).

Stuart has added an option for anybody to submit their own GeoJSON building polygons to the map. If you click on the 'Empty GeoJSON' button you will be sent to where you can create a building polygon of a Glasgow construction project and then grab the resulting GeoJSON file for the completed building polygon.

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