Friday, November 20, 2015

Spinal Map

Thunderforest, designers of some of the world's most popular interactive map styles, has released a totally new map tiles style. Thuderforest is probably best know for its OpenCycleMap map style. It also hosts a number of other popular interactive styled map tiles, including Transport, Landscape, Outdoors and Transport Dark.

Thuderforest's new style is a little different. Spinal Map is a heavy rock inspired map style. It comes complete with a Gothic font and rivers & seas of fire. The font makes heavy use of metal umlauts. Place names on the map that include the word 'City' have also become 'City of Rock'.

Fans of rock might also like Mapbox's Wheatpaste map style. Wheatpaste is a map style inspired by the cut & paste, collage style of music flyers & posters, popular with punk and new wave bands.

If you want to explore some more interesting styled maps then you check out this Map Styles Gallery map.

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