Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hidden Cities with Google & the FT

The Financial Times and Google have teamed up to launch a series of interactive mapped guides to major European cities. The guides use the Google Maps API to map the local knowledge of FT Weekend journalists, providing expert recommendations on the best restaurants, bars, museums and other places to visit in Europe's capital cities.

Hidden Cities has launched with the FT's guide to what to see & do in Brussels. The Hidden Cities guide to London will be released on November 28. The Brussels edition of Hidden Cities features the recommendations of FT journalists alongside the recommendations of some of Brussels' own cultural experts.

There are two main ways to navigate the guides. You can either select 'authors', to view the recommendations of an individual FT journalist or local expert, or select 'places. to view categories of the recommended places to visit in Brussels. The 'places' option allows you to filter the points of interest shown on the map by bars, restaurants, arts & culture, shops etc.

Each of the recommendations shown on the Hidden Cities map includes the option to save the location to Google Maps. This means that as you browse Hidden Cities you can save all the recommendations that you like to Google Maps and create your own map of places that you want to visit in Brussels.

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