Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Live Satellite Tracking

Look up at the night sky tonight and see how many satellites you can find. If you have any problems spotting the satellites passing overhead then you can always use Line of Sight.

Line of Sight is an interactive map which shows the overhead position of satellites orbiting the Earth. Just enter your location into the map and you can view the current live position of satellites and their orbital tracks. You can mouse-over individual satellites or their tracks on the map to find out the satellite's name, it's status, height and where you need to look to be able to see it in the night sky.

Line of Sight includes a number of options to refine the types of satellite shown on the map. If you are satellite spotting yourself then you should choose the 'visible' satellites option. However you can also select to view the positions of navigation satellites, military satellites and lots of other types of satellites from the 'Types' menu.

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