Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Piss & Crap Maps of San Francisco

Apparently people defecating on the streets is a thing in San Francisco. At least it is a big enough problem for Jennifer Wong to think it warrants its own interactive map.

Last year Jennifer used San Francisco Department of Public Works data of sidewalk cleanings for 'human waste or urine' to create the (Human) Wasteland map. The map includes a steaming heat-map view of human waste in San Francisco. This map just might help you avoid wading through human excrement on your next trip around town.

Jennifer made the stylistic choice to color San Francisco's human street waste a fetching shade of crap on her map. The new Piss Map of San Francisco however has gone for a lighter urine shade of yellow.

The Piss Map of San Francisco visualizes the last 2,000 reports of human waste on the streets of San Francisco. That's 164,168 average ounces of urine spayed upon the Streets of San Francisco every year. A line graph of the number of monthly reports of human waste discovered on the city's streets is also overlaid on top of the map.

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