Monday, November 30, 2015

Create Your Own Maps with Map Channels

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to create a Google Map then you should give Maps Channels a whirl.

With Map Channels v5 you can create a free interactive map which you can then embed on your own website or blog. Despite being quick and easy to use version 5 of Maps Channels comes with a lot of interesting options.

You can see what is possible with Map Channels on this user created map of Petra in Jordan. The map includes markers, photos and Street View imagery of some of the important archaeologically sites within Petra. If you click on any of the map markers you can view the location with Google's new panoramic imagery of Petra, with an automatically rotating Street View of the location

Map Channels many interesting features include the ability to create an editable map, add places and select Street Views for your added places. Maps can also be set to allow contributions from visitors. You can easily include road directions on a Maps Channels map, which can also be bookmarked and printed by the map's users.

The Google Maps API recently withdrew the Panoramio photo layer. Map Channels still includes this option so you can also add a Panoramio layer to your map, to show nearby photos from Google's photo sharing website.

Another interesting feature in Map Channels v5 is the option to link to other Map Channels projects directly from your map. For example, you can add markers to your map which then links to a Maps Channels Local Map, Dual Map and/or a Tour Map.

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