Saturday, November 28, 2015

Exploring Namibia by Satellite

A Little Landsat Tour is an interesting story map which uses Landsat 8 imagery to explore some of the geological and man-made features which can be found in Namibia.

As you scroll through the tour the map flies across Namibia to highlight a number of geologically interesting locations, such as river valleys, deserts, dry lakes and volcanoes. The tour also explores how man has impacted on the environment, zooming in on diamond mines, ranches, center-pivot irrigated farms and evidence of slash and burn farming.

The map was made by Charlie Loyd, who works on satellite imagery for Mapbox. Judging by the URL I'm guessing that the map was made in 2013 from Landsat imagery captured that same year. The story map format of the tour is based on Mapbox's Scroll Driven Navigation template.

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