Monday, November 09, 2015

Norwegian Time Machine

Step back in time with this Norwegian map of historical photographs. Tids Maskinen (Time Machine) is a Google Map which allows you to browse vintage photos of Norway by location and date.

The market for interactive maps of vintage photos is dominated by the popular Historypin. However Tids Maskinen is a very nicely designed map. It's very simple interface makes Tids Maskinen very easy to browse. The search bar at the top of the map allows you to search the vintage photos by location and the time-line allows you to filter the photos shown by date.

Where Historypin wins out is in the integration of Street View. Historypin allows you to view the submitted vintage photos overlaid on top of the view depicted on Google Maps Street View. Tids Maskinen does have Street View available on the map. However if you want to explore the view depicted in any of the vintage pictures you need to zoom in on its map marker, drop Pegman onto the map and try to find the view yourself.

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