Monday, November 23, 2015

The Guided Petra Street View Tour

Google today released new Street View on Google Maps from a number of historic sites in Jordan.

The new imagery includes Street Views from Jerash and Mount Nebo. However the biggest news has to be the amazing imagery from Petra,

The best way to view Google's new Street View imagery from Petra is to visit Google's new Explore Petra with Street View website. This new website takes you on a tour of Petra using Street View and an audio guide. Follow the links on the tour map or use the arrow keys in the Street View imagery to explore Petra's amazing sights.

On the tour you can visit the world famous Treasury, the Monastery, theatre and many temples. As you explore Petra the audio guide will provide information about the various sights on your tour. Street View overlays also provide extra information on Petra's history and the various locations on the tour.

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