Friday, November 13, 2015

The Boston T-Stop Walking Map

The MBTA Station Access Map is an isochrone map showing how long it takes walk to the nearest T stop anywhere in Boston. The map shows all the MBTA lines and stations and colors surrounding areas based on the walking distance to the nearest station.

I always think transit travel time maps are really useful for people in the housing market, as they allow you to quickly identify neighborhoods with good transit links. The MBTA Station Access Map is a particularly pretty example of a transit time map. Unfortunately it is hard to differentiate between the shades in that pretty color range.

It is difficult to tell the difference between the different shades of blue and red. So, for example, it is tricky to work out whether a location has a two minute walk or a ten minute walk to the nearest T stop. However I'm not sure that really matters. After fifteen minutes walking time the isochrone color turns from blue to red so it is very easy to get a quick overview of all the areas within a fifteen minute walk of an MBTA Station and all the areas with more than a fifteen minute walk.

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