Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Real-Time Berlin Transit Map

You can now watch all Berlin's buses and trains moving in real-time on an interactive map. VBB-Livekarte is an interactive map showing the real-time position of buses and trains in Berlin.

The map shows around 1,000 rail lines & bus routes and more than 13,000 stops & stations on the VBB network, Using the map you can watch all the long-distance & regional trains, commuter trains, subway trains, trams, buses and ferries moving around Berlin in real-time.

VBB-Livekarte does not use GPS data from buses and trains to plot their positions on the map. The position of the vehicles on VBB-Livekarte are estimated based on the live schedule where available and the planned timetable where no live data is available. This means that the positions of the buses and trains on the map are not always accurate. However, where live schedules are available, the vehicle positions should be fairly accurate.

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