Thursday, November 19, 2015

Volkswagen Pollution in California

There are around 193,000 Volkswagen diesel cars in California. These cars are reported to emit more than 40 times the authorized amounts of NOx and particulate matter. Non-Compliant VW Diesels in California is an interactive map showing the number of non-compliant Volkswagen cars and the pollution index in each Californian zip-code area.

If you select one of the zip-code districts (outlined in white) on the map you can view the top 5 commuter routes from the area. You can also use the map menu to view the Pollution and Poverty Index overlaid on the map and to view the locations of EV and EvGo chargers.

If you select a district from the top bar you can view the total number of non-compliant diesel cars in the district and the expected annual cost for asthma in the district.

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