Wednesday, November 11, 2015

3D Point Cloud Mapping

Mapillary, the crowd-sourced alternative to Street View, has added the option to view a 3D point cloud model for every location in the world - where Mapillary imagery exists. The point cloud models are built from all the photos submitted to Mapillary around the selected location.

You can read more about the new 3D point cloud model option on the Mapillary blog. However, if you want to dive straight in, go to Mapillary, click on the map and open a photo. When you view a photo in Mapillary you can now select the 'Show point cloud' to view the 3D model. You can zoom in and out in the model using your mouse-wheel. Press shift and drag on the model to orbit around the 3D point cloud.

Of course, because Mapillary is crowd-sourced, if a location doesn't have a point cloud model already you just need to take some photos of the location and submit them to Mapillary.

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