Friday, November 20, 2015

150 Years of Hurricanes

NOAA's Historical Hurricane Tracks map allows you to view global hurricane data back as far as 1842. Using the map you can search and visualize hurricane data by storm name, location and by date.

If you enter the name of a hurricane (for example 2012's Hurricane Sandy) you can view the hurricane's track on the map. Points along the hurricane's track allow you to view details about the wind speed and pressure for each day. A link is also provided to read a PDF of NOAA's storm report.

If you select the 'County Strikes' option from the map menu you can view a choropleth map of U.S. coastal counties. The counties colored dark red have historically had more hurricane strikes than the counties colored with a lighter red.

Tornado Tracks, 1950-2014 also allows you to view historical tornado data on an interactive map. This map visualizes the path of every tornado in the United States since the middle of the Twentieth Century..

You can filter the tornadoes shown on the map by scale, by year range and by the number of casualties caused. You can also select an individual tornado track on the map to view its strength, date, length & width and the number of injuries & fatalities.

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