Thursday, November 05, 2015

Explore the Rainforest in 3D

This year Norwegian television channel NRK's annual telethon was dedicated to saving an area of rainforest larger than Denmark and Norway combined. To support the telethon NRK created a wonderful 3D map of a small section of rainforest, which you can explore to learn more about the forest and its inhabitants.

The Save the Rainforest 3d map includes aerial imagery and terrain of the forest. A number of map markers are also displayed on the map. The circular photos allows you to explore life in the forest using Street View type panoramic images, videos and photos.

The map also includes white map markers which contain the names of some of the individuals who signed up to help try and save the rainforest. The NRK telethon was held on October 18th. It is therefore too late to donate to the campaign but you can still explore the map to learn more about the forest and the people and wildlife that live there.

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