Tuesday, July 12, 2016

All the World's a Stage

I'm not sure that Shakespeare can be bounded in a nutshell but Expedia's Global Shakespeare Explorer has made a good attempt at it. This interactive map plots locations important to Shakespeare's life, plays and legacy.

Using Google's antique mapping API seems an appropriate choice for the Global Shakespeare Explorer, helping to give the map a fitting dated Elizabethan feel. This antiquated look is complemented by the use of feathered quill icons for the map markers. What I like best about this map however is the furling and unfurling scroll effect when you switch between the three different map sections, exploring Shakespeare's life, plays and legacy.

In truth there isn't much analysis of the importance of the mapped locations to Shakespeare's work. There may just be enough information to tempt you to click through and explore nearby hotels on Expedia's hotel booking website.

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