Friday, July 01, 2016

Talking Graffiti on Street View

Google's Street Art project features a wonderful audio guide to the graffiti of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires uses Google Maps Street View imagery to introduce you to some of the city's best street artists and their works of art.

The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires takes you on a guided tour around graffiti in three of the city's neighborhoods; Villa Crespo, Colegiales and Barracas. You can explore the artwork in each of the tours up close using Google Maps Street View. Each of the artworks also includes an audio guide, which provides information on the location, the street artist featured and the individual work of art.

The Google Street Art project is not confined to the street art of Argentina. As well as The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires exhibit, the site features tours of street art in locations all around the world.

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