Friday, July 29, 2016

Which are the Squarest & Roundest Countries?

Sierra Leone is the roundest country in the world. The most rectangular country is Egypt.

Forget the battle between Clinton & Trump. The biggest online debate over the last few weeks has been over which are the most rectangular and round countries.

The controversy started earlier this month when David Barry posted his research into The Rectangularness of Countries. Barry used the shapefile data from Natural Earth to discover which country's boundaries were the most rectangular using a 'simple algorithm'. His results suggest that Egypt is the most rectangular country, closely followed by the Vatican.

Gonzalo Ciruelos was inspired enough by Barry's work to attempt to discover the most round countries in the world. In What is the Roundest Country? Ciruelos also used Natural Earth's shapefile data. He found that Sierra Leone is the roundest country. With Nauru coming in a close second.

Now all we need to know is 'Which is the most triangular country in the world?'


Stevo said...

Nicaragua is the triangular country in the world :)

Unknown said...

Actually the worlds squarest country is ivory cost (cot d"ivore)

Anonymous said...

What do you mean? Cameroon looks like a chick with a badonkbongk

Anonymous said...