Wednesday, July 27, 2016

NYC: Travel Time & Jobs

Eighteen of the top Twenty neighborhoods for job access in New York City are in Manhattan. If you live in Manhattan there are an average of 4,128,263 jobs accessible within one hour by public transit.

You can use the Rudin Center's NYC Neighborhoods: Mobility and Economic Opportunity interactive map to view the number of jobs available within one hour of travel in each of NYC's neighborhoods. If you select a neighborhood on the map you can view a basic isochrone layer showing the neighborhoods in range of 30, 45 and 60 minutes of travel on public transit.

You can also view details on the number of jobs accessible within 60 minutes of travel and the types of job (by industry). The information panel includes other details about the neighborhood, such as the population total, median income and the unemployment rate of the selected neighborhood.

The map reveals that neighborhoods with good transit links, such as those in Manhattan, are most likely to have the best access to jobs. Conversely neighborhoods with limited transit links (neighborhoods ranked 60-119 on the map) have higher unemployment rates than those neighborhoods with the best transit links.

You can read more about the findings of the mapped data in this Rudin Center report (pdf).

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