Tuesday, July 05, 2016

The Wiggly Wobbly Elastic Map

A screenshot of the Elastic Terrain Map really doesn't do this map justice. The magic of the Elastic Terrain Map can only be seen when you pan the map.

Wiggle the map and watch it wobble.

As you pan and move around the map different parts of the map move at different speeds based on the elevation data. The Elastic Terrain Map also now has a whole set of new features which allow you to customize the relief shading, adjust the elevation colors and adjust the direction and angles of shadows.

The Elastic Terrain Map also now includes an elastic terrain map of Mars.

One of my favorite new features on the Elastic Terrain Map allows you to adjust the elevation colors. This allows you, for example, to adjust the height at which snow appears on mountains. You could therefore use this feature to provide a terrain map which shows different colors during the different seasons of the years. Alternatively you could adjust the amount of snow shown on a mountain based on the latest snow reports.

The Elastic Terrain Map is licensed under GPL v3 and the project is available on GitHub.

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