Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mapping Canada's Coastline

The World Wildlife Fund has released an interactive map examining the habitats of marine species, human activity and conservation efforts around Canada's coastline.

Canada's Oceans: Planning for a Better Future allows you to learn more about Canada's Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific coastlines. From the main map you can select from either of these three oceans. Then, from any of the three ocean views, you can  drill down further to explore environmental stories from along the selected ocean's coastline.

These individual environmental stories use a 'story map' format. As you scroll down through these stories relevant overlays are added to the map, showing such things as local marine species habitats, human shipping activity and conservation areas.

You can also explore the information provided on the map by selecting the 'Map Layers' option. This allows you to add and remove the different overlays to the map in four different categories; Wildlife, Protected and important areas, Human activity and Planning and management.

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