Monday, July 04, 2016

The Global Migration Map

The Global Immigration Map visualizes the flow of people moving around the world. It uses data from the U.N. Population Division to show which countries people are moving to and from around the world.

The map is visually noisy and could benefit from providing an option to turn off the animated flow of yellow dots (each dot represents 1,000 people). However the large blue and red circles over each country do provide a great overview of the impact of migration on countries around the world (the blue circles indicate positive net migration and the red circles show negative net migration).

If you select these larger circles on the map you can view where immigrants to the country originate from. The red circles show where the most immigrants are from - the larger the circle the more immigration from that country. If you hover over a blue country circle you can view the total net the country. Hover over a red circle and you can view how many people have migrated to the initially selected country from that country.

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