Sunday, July 24, 2016

Maps of the Week

The Sandby borg ring fort in Ă–land, Sweden was the site of a violent massacre in the 5th century and is currently being investigated by Swedish archaeologists. The archaeological website of the Sandby fort now includes a wonderful 3d map featuring a reconstruction of the fort and fort houses.

The 3d map of the Sandy borg fort includes overlays which allow you to view the locations of some of the archaeological discoveries found within the fort complex. If you use the links along the bottom of the 3d map you can view where objects have been discovered in 'house 4' and 'house 40'.

If you've been caught up in the huge Pokemon Go craze then you need to check-out the PokeVision map. Most of the third-party maps created for Pokemon Go use crowd-sourcing to show the locations of Pokemon and Pokemon gyms. PokeVision does not use crowd-sourcing to find nearby locations of Pokemon. It actually shows you the location of all the Pokemon near you in real-time.

The map doesn't have the most impressive map design but it is a brilliant hack of the Pokemon Go app. The map shows the locations of Pokemon near your location in real-time. Each Pokemon shown on the map also includes a timer which displays how long the Pokemon will remain at that location.

This week This is Cleveland released a really beautiful custom designed interactive map of Cleveland.

If you zoom in on Downtown Cleveland on the Cleveland Map you should easily be able to find local points of interest. In particluar the most well known venues and landmarks in the neighborhood are picked out on the map with some gorgeous pictorial representations.

This is Cleveland say they will soon be adding lots more detail to  the map in other neighborhoods in Cleveland.

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