Thursday, July 21, 2016

This is the Cleveland Map

Having posted about a terrible map with some great content earlier today I think it's time to balance things out with a great map which has little content.

This is Cleveland has released a really beautiful custom designed interactive map of Cleveland. It isn't strictly true to say that the Cleveland Map doesn't have any content. Like all great maps it does include a lot of information on the base map. However, unlike most other interactive maps, it has no data layers overlaid on top of the base map tiles.

If you zoom in on Downtown Cleveland on the map you should easily be able to find local points of interest. In particluar the most well known venues and landmarks in the neighborhood are picked out on the map with some gorgeous pictorial representations.

This is Cleveland say they will soon be adding this level of detail on the map to other neighborhoods in Cleveland. If This is Cleveland add the leaflet-hash plug-in to the map they will then be able to link to specific venues on the map from their local reviews and events content in the main section of the This is Cleveland website.

The custom map itself was designed by Applied Wayfinding.

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