Friday, July 15, 2016

Mapping Life in Syria

The situation in Syria remains desperate, particular for ordinary Syrians. A lack of food, safe drinking water and basic health care are affecting huge numbers. The situation is also deteriorating in terms of access to shelter and access to education.

You can learn more about the problems Syrians are facing in this story map examining the findings of the ACU's Dynamic Monitoring Report No. 5. The Assistance Coordination Unit is an aid organisation dedicated to helping Syrians 'without discrimination regardless of gender, race, religion or political beliefs'. The Dynamo map plots the situation facing Syrians in a total of 94 districts, in a number of areas related to quality of life and health.

The Dynamo story map presents a number of choropleth maps which present the state of the health sector, food security, education, drinking water and shelter in each of the 94 different districts.

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