Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Explore a 5th Century Ring Fort in 3D

You can now explore a 3d model of an Iron Age ring fort discovered in Ă–land, Sweden on an Esri map. The Sandby borg ring fort was the site of a violent massacre in the 5th century and is currently being investigated by Swedish archaeologists.

The Esri Insider has a really interesting article on how archaeologists have been using drones (and a dog) to help map the fort, the houses it contained, as well as the violent end of the people who lived there. However if you visit the Sandy borg website you can step back into the past yourself and explore the ring fort on a wonderful 3d map.

The 3d map of the ring fort includes overlays which allow you to view the locations of some of the archaeological discoveries found in the fort and the fort's houses. If you use the links along the bottom of the 3d map you can view where objects have been discovered in 'house 4' and 'house 40'.

The Sandy borg website also has a map showing an aerial view of the whole archaeological site. This map uses categorized markers to show where various types of archaeological artifacts have been found during the team's investigation of the site.

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