Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Animated Worldwide Weather

VentuSky is a new worldwide weather map. The application allows you to view a mapped forecast of the weather for any location in the world for over a week ahead.

One of the most impressive layers on VentuSky is the wind speed option which visualizes wind direction & speed on the map with animated streamlines. As well as wind forecasts the map allows you to view forecasts for temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, air pressure and snow cover.

You can actually view three different meteorological forcasting models on VentuSky. These are the German National Meteorological Service institution's Icon Model, NOAA's Model GFS and the Canadian Meteorological Centre's GEM Model.

VentuSky was developed completely in-house by InMeteo without the use of any third party JavaScript or mapping libraries. InMeteo also designed their own custom map tiles for the VentuSky interactive map.

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