Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Leeds is Revolting

The Leeds Riot Map 1643 - 2002 is a story map exploring the locations and causes of the many riots that the Yorkshire city of Leeds has experienced over the years.

The map provides a fascinating account of social unrest in the city over the centuries and includes links to learn more about each riot on the Ford-Maguire Society of Leeds website. The map also happens to be a neat demonstration of the Storymap plug-in for Leaflet.js.

Storymap provides a template for creating story maps with the popular Leaflet mapping library. It allows developers to create an interactive map which reacts as users scroll through the accompanying text (story). As the user scrolls down through the content, map interactions, such as zooming, panning and marker placement, can be fired by the user's progression through the accompanying text. The relevant sections within the text can also be highlighted in the text container / div element.

The Storymap plug-in also requires jQuery and Underscore.js (and obviously Leaflet.js)

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