Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Songs About Canada

Everybody knows that Canada rocks and now, thanks to a new interactive map, we know where it rocks.

Canadian Geographic: On the Coast is a map featuring Canadian locations that are mentioned in song lyrics. The map is inspired by the On the Coast radio program's Canadian Geographic feature. In this regular section of the show listeners are asked to send in the names of songs mentioning locations in Canada.

Thanks to this On the Coast interactive you can also now find the locations on a map. What's more, if you click on the map markers, you can also listen to the songs.

If you don't live in Canada there is no reason to feel left out. In fact you can find songs about your city on Spotimap.

Spotimap is a CartoDB generated map featuring songs about cities around the world. Click on any city's musical note shaped marker on the map and you can view a list of songs about the selected city. What's more, if you select any of the songs from the displayed list, you can listen to the song on Spotify.

The map currently lists 7,684 songs about 212 cities around the world.

If your town isn't covered in the On the Coast map or the Spotimap then you are in luck - because Johnny Cash has been everywhere.

Johnny Cash Has Been EVERYWHERE (Man)! maps out all the locations mentioned in Johnny Cash's version of the Geoff Mack song 'I've Been Everywhere'. The map actually plays the Johnny Cash song while at the same time displaying the lyrics and dropping markers on all the 91 locations mentioned in the song. A running total also keeps track of the number of kilometers covered in Cash's journey to everywhere.

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