Thursday, July 14, 2016

Google Sheep View

Google has not yet got around to providing Street View of the Faroe Islands on Google Maps. Therefore the islanders have had to take things into their own hands. Their solution is Google Sheep View.

The Faroe Islands may not have Google Street View but it does have sheep. A lot of sheep. The logical step therefore was to deck out the islands' sheep with 360 degree panoramic cameras and set them loose.

Anybody can add panoramic imagery to Google Maps. Therefore once the Faroe Islands sheep have captured their favorite locations on camera it is a simple task for them to publish their Sheep View images to Google Maps.

The first five images from the Faroe Islands Sheep View project are now on Google Maps. You can find links to the new Sheep View imagery on the Sheep View Map. Just click on the sheep markers on the map and you will be taken to the Sheep View imagery directly on Google Maps.

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